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About Us

Meet the CleftProud Team


Henry Baddour

Founder/Executive Director


Kristien Cuthbertson



Melissa Baddour



Jack Baddour



Holly Harding



Olivia Fricks

Past Intern


Edith Lopez

Past Intern


Hannah Starling

Past Intern

What We Do
CleftProud is a supportive and inclusive community and resource for anyone affected by Cleft Lip and Palate. We assist those affected by offering easily accessible information. We raise awareness for Cleft Lip and Palate. We hold events where those affected can connect with one another. We give annual college scholarships to those affectedAnd we strive to help those affected become proud of who they are and what they look like (to become CleftProud).
Why We Began
After his most major surgery related to his cleft, our Founder, Henry Baddour, searched for a resource for people like him but he came up empty. All he found were resources for parents of children affected but nothing for those children when they grew up. In that moment, he knew he had to do something because he didn't want anyone else to feel the same way he did. He decided he would name the organization CleftProud because he not only wanted to bring people together but wanted to empower them as well. Since 2015, CleftProud has grown to be the largest resource of its kind with over 90,000 members in more than 100 countries! 
Thank you to all of our Angel Contributors!
  • The Baddour Family

  • The Ramirez Family

  • Jenny Baron

  • The Bolen Family

  • Robert Kelton

  • Deborah Drossman

  • Susan Berry

  • The Murphy Family

  • David Curran 

  • The Kadoura Family

  • The Holladay Family

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