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Our Testimonials

  • Received the bracelets timely and my son is so proud to give them out to friends at school. Has been the perfect tactic to knock out some of the teasing he is getting for his face looking different. Everyone wants a bracelet, and the teasing has stopped. For now... Placing second order now! - D. Christensen

  • Love that this is now on Instagram. I am an adult woman who was born with a cleft lip and palate and it just brightens my day to see that there are just so many others out there whom I can relate to. Thank you for bringing this to Instagram and to all social media, education is knowledge #CleftStrong - T. Willis

  • This page is honestly amazing. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. :) - @claudia.danielle (Instagram)

  • Thank you for this group. Thanks for creating awareness. - @sonaliik (Instagram)

  • CleftProud gives me hope as a mom on days that I’m struggling and in the future, will make my son feel like he has others that understand and can relate. Your organization has made me so proud to be CleftProud because I’ve got a cleft cutie. - S. Boyer

  • Thank you for my bracelets!! I love them and wear them every day :) - M. Bonelli

  • Our lives have been completely changed for the better and I have been encouraged and inspired by your Instagram account. There is something really special about hearing from others who are on a similar journey or have been down the road before. - S. Waldron

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting this site and creating the bracelets. My son (13) and daughter (10) were born with bilateral cleft lip and palate complete. We were given the CleftProud bracelets when we visited the UNC team on Tuesday. I am sitting here in tears because your bio touched my heart. It reminds me of the challenges my children have faced. You are a hero! You embrace who you are and accept that it is not always the easiest thing to do or explain. - V. Artis

  • Ordered from Red Deer!! Mom and I haven’t taken them off since!! - @mac_kenzie1995 (Instagram)

  • Ordered from Miami, FL. I wear it every day in honor of my son who was born with a cleft lip. - @lysa_lys (Instagram)

  • We ordered from Colorado! Love them and wear them almost every day! - @coloradochick13 (Instagram)

  • My son is an infant. I am so HAPPY and THANKFUL to hear of CleftProud. As much as I know he will be faced with different challenges throughout his life, my goal is to teach him to be appreciative of having these opportunities in his life to learn from his experiences. Every person (cleft or no cleft!) deals with challenges. Everyone's challenges are different. I am so thankful to see your outlook on having a cleft. I pray that I can teach him to live and learn from his cleft and to be a strong individual. His cleft is a part of who he is. -K. Wieth

  • CleftProud has allowed me to know there are other people like me. I have never seen anyone like me before. CleftProud has allowed me to feel connected and I no longer feel like an outcast. CleftProud has helped me feel like a normal human being and I can now say I am CleftProud. Seeing others on the website and reading their stories has made me more open about my cleft. Without CleftProud, I would not be where I am today. - J. Sitzmann

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CleftProud Study

In a questionnaire conducted in 2018 by CleftProud, participants were asked to fill out a baseline survey about their cleft resources. They were then asked to engage with Following their interaction with CleftProud, they were asked to fill out another survey. Here are the results:


After interacting with CleftProud:


  • 100% of participants reported that CleftProud is a sufficient educational and emotional resource for both parents of children with clefts as well as teens/adults with clefts

  • 100% of participants reported that CleftProud was beneficial to them

  • 100% of participants reported that they will engage with CleftProud in the future

  • There was a 41.84% increase in feeling a sense of community related to cleft lip and palate

  • There was a 14.21% decrease in feeling worried about their future or their child’s future related to cleft lip and palate

  • There was an 8.82% increase in feeling informed about cleft lip and palate

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